Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holiday Travelers

Odd things said by Novice Holiday Passengers.

#8. "Are you going to sing for us?" "umm, if I sing you'll be wishing you had a parachute."
#7. when greeting passengers with "good bye, have a nice day, happy easter...." a little 4 yr. old said, "We don't even celebrate Easter."
#6. In helping a 10 yr. old boy who looked pale, nauseous, and barely responsive his grandma said, "oh, he's okay, he just took his aderall." (ADHD medicince, a.k.a taking the kid out of the kid pill).
#5. "Are you going to serve chocolate bunnies?" "no, but we do have a very special holiday snack......peanuts."
#4. As a courtesy we saved the back several rows of the plane for a high school group. After we boarded one lady said, "excuse me mam, we had these back rows reserved and that man is not in our group, you need to make him move." "umm, sorry mam, but ha can sit anywhere he wants. We told everyone you all would be in the back, but with a full flight (that you didn't charter) everyone is free to sit where they like.
#3. "Are those playboy Bunny Ears or Easter Bunny ears?"
#2. "Can we have extra crackers? I forgot to feed the kids."
#1. "I have to drive over 3 hrs. home, can I have 2 vodkas and 2 rums To Go."

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