Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cup O Joe

When passengers order coffee on the plane, I try to guess to myself whether they'll say, "cream and sugar," "cream and sweetener," "just cream," or "black" before they say it. I'm usually right and here's why.

Cream and Sugar: Early 20's- Acquiring the taste during latenight college studies, but still can't stomach the stoutness, but likes the caffeine. Middle Aged thin women- they know the definition of "moderation" and believe in eating/drinking a little of the real stuff instead of artificial sweeteners. Older folks-been drinking it that way their whole life, probably have rotted sugar teeth, but will never stray from the sugar/cream combo. They laugh a lot too.

Cream and Sweetener: Middle aged big business men-take all the caffeine they can get, but never really enjoyed the taste of coffee. Old folks-don't drink it this way at all. Sweeteners were invented after their coffee addiction began. The rest: aware of calorie intake but have a huge sweet tooth. Usually consume multiple cups.

Black: Old Folks-Never leave the house without drinking a pot. The doctor at one point told them to cut back, but they refuse. They will die with a cup of joe in hand. Young 20's- may have hangover and need something strong to wake up. Definately a smoker. Middle Age-acquired taste young and enjoy the caffeine to get through the day. Can drink it late at night and still sleep. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Cream Only: Never understood this one. Thin people that hate coffee and sweets. They want the caffeine and couple calories that are in the cream, but don't plan on eating much all day. Strange.