Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Star Movie

This flick is a must see. It's rare that I hurt my stomach laughing out loud during movies. I usually find comedies funny, but it's just a chuckle or I think, "oh, that's funny," but don't really laugh. Tina and Steve had scenes that had Jeff and I laughing out loud continuously.
The only bad part of the show was the overly obnoxious lady sitting in front of us with a super loud annoying laugh that laughed at everything. There's something to be said if you're the only one laughing in the theater, especially at parts that aren't even written to be funny. I felt sorry for her date.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hiking Club

So, I joined a hiking club. Actually just myself and my friend Lacie are in "da club." The plan is to hike once a week through the summer. Some may think this is a great idea to spend time with a friend, take a picnic lunch, have photo ops. However, our hiking club is far from that and here are a few reasons why.

1) We only choose days that are hot and have a "code red" for danger in the heat.
2) We bring water, but usually not enough to reach the half way mark. (we are working on better timing with that.)
3) We dislike paved or dirt paths with an easy stroll, but prefer rocky and rough terrain to maneuver around and anything that involves an uphill climb.
4) This may result in a sprained or twisted ankle, but our hiking club lives on "no pain, no gain." We do not carry any First Aid items.
5) A cracker or two may get us through the 3-5 hr. hike. We also prefer getting lost and making multiple attemps to find our way back. We may stop for a 30 second break, but rarely (and is frowned upon).

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please join our Hiking Club and remember that sunscreen, sunglasses, and fashion are a must.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holiday Travelers

Odd things said by Novice Holiday Passengers.

#8. "Are you going to sing for us?" "umm, if I sing you'll be wishing you had a parachute."
#7. when greeting passengers with "good bye, have a nice day, happy easter...." a little 4 yr. old said, "We don't even celebrate Easter."
#6. In helping a 10 yr. old boy who looked pale, nauseous, and barely responsive his grandma said, "oh, he's okay, he just took his aderall." (ADHD medicince, a.k.a taking the kid out of the kid pill).
#5. "Are you going to serve chocolate bunnies?" "no, but we do have a very special holiday snack......peanuts."
#4. As a courtesy we saved the back several rows of the plane for a high school group. After we boarded one lady said, "excuse me mam, we had these back rows reserved and that man is not in our group, you need to make him move." "umm, sorry mam, but ha can sit anywhere he wants. We told everyone you all would be in the back, but with a full flight (that you didn't charter) everyone is free to sit where they like.
#3. "Are those playboy Bunny Ears or Easter Bunny ears?"
#2. "Can we have extra crackers? I forgot to feed the kids."
#1. "I have to drive over 3 hrs. home, can I have 2 vodkas and 2 rums To Go."