Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bounty Hunter

Twenty minutes into this movie, the guy behind us said, "this movie is horrible." I thought that was a little harsh and that I'd give it another twenty minutes to form my own opinion.
Jennifer dear, you should have stopped 15 yrs. ago after Friends. All I see in you is Rachel, but more like a worn out exhausted Rachel trying so hard to capture the audience. Gerard has been in a lot of flicks the past couple years. His acting was decent in Law Abiding Citizen, but that's about it. I see about 100 movies a year. For this disater I paid $28 for 2 tickets and refrained from the usual popcorn and soda. Perhaps the snacks would have made it a tad better. If you desire to see this, wait a month for $1 redbox (that's even a stretch), or wait a year to rent it free at the library.

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