Friday, March 26, 2010

One Hour

Whether it's running to get milk, mail a package, grab a cup of joe, or simply walk to your mailbox (small exaggeration), it takes one hour in Northern VA.
Let's compare other things that take an hour.

1) Flying from DC to Indy, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rhode Island, Manchester, etc.
2) Jog 6 miles.
3) Eat a 4 course meal and listen to a speaker.
4) Sit through a wedding ceremony.
5) Golf Several Holes (not sure how many, I don't golf).
6) Call a friend and catch up on the last ten years.

My Point: I'd rather be sitting at home or doing any of the above than sitting in traffic for milk.
The fact: The small errands still must get done and the traffic is something we clearly can't control.
My point again: Forget the fact of the matter, I DO NOT like traffic.

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